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International Conference on sea buckthorn

 Belokurikha, Russia


        A week long International Conference on Sea buckthorn was concluded in Belokurikha, Russia. The conference began from 1st – 6th September 2009. Total 20 countries had participated in this conference, presented their papers, made oral presentations and poster presentations as per their specified schedules. From India along with the team Dr. B.C. Basistha, Sr. Scientific Officer, Department of Science & Technology/Coordinator of Sikkim Bioinformatics centre has participated in the conference. On 5th September 2009 Shri. Basistha has gave an oral presentation on the paper titled “Understanding Agro-techniques of Hippophae salicifolia D. Don (Sea buckthorn) of Sikkim Himalayas”.  The conference was led by a post conference tour to Altai sea buckthorn Farm. The farm covering 700 Hectares was located at Altai region of Belokurikha. It was understood that this farm produces the major sea buckthorn products like oil, pulp juices, pulp oils, cosmetics, etc out of sea buckthorn plant and markets in Russia and exports outside too.The sea buckthorn products were even used in Russian aeronautical programmes. This plant fruit contains omega protein and has antioxidant property.

Objectives of the Conference
1. To share, exchange and update findings and progress of sea buckthorn research.

2. To promote new knowledge about the health function of sea buckthorn.

3. To show new technologies of high quality sea buckthorn product development.

4. To develop long term strategies and partnership for scientific and commercial co-operation on sea buckthorn.

Main Themes of the Conference
1. Gene resources utilization and breeding of sea buckthorn.

2. Plantation and horticulture technologies of sea buckthorn.

3. Nutritional and medical application of sea buckthorn.

4. Processing and marketing of sea buckthorn.

5.  Sea buckthorn in soil conservation.

 6. International co-operation on sea buckthorn.



Displayed seabuckthorn (H. mongolica)                         Displayed seabuckthorn (H. mongolica)                    ISA 2009 Conference under progress                   


Seabuckthorn Field, Siberia                                                     Dr. Basistha during an oral presentation at ISA 2009 Conference            Dr. Basistha with Prof. Lu Rongsen of China


Indian team with Vladimir I. Usenko Director and Yuri Zurov,Organising Secretary, ISA 2009                       

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