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                 An Introduction on Rhododendron


Rhododendrons are the most endurable plant species of Sikkim Himalaya. It has formed a legitimate bondage with the natural flora systems of the state. The species was first introduced by Carl Linnaeus in the year 1937 under Genera Planatarum.  The Rhododendrons are distributed throughout the world from European nations such as England, Scotland to the America and Southeastern Asian countries like India, Nepal, China, eastern Tibet, Bhutan and Myanmar.

More than 90% of the world's Rhododendron population are inhabiting in the southeastern Asian regions (Leach, 1961;Chamberlain et al., 1996).In India, it is represented by about 80 species, of which 36 species are found in Sikkim only (Pradhan and Lachungpa, 1990; Singh et al.,2003; Bhattacharyya and Sanjappa, 2008).

The Rhododendrons are fabulously abundant in Sikkim Himalaya with a multiplicity in its colors and variety. Keeping its sense of beauty and popularity the species Rhododendron niveum is regarded as a state tree plant of Sikkim. With an increasing recognition for being one of the richest flora and fauna destinations of the world, a comprehensive evaluation, simulation and conservation of existing value of soul plant species like Rhododendrons has become a major challenge for the state, Sikkim. As reported, till time there are 36 Rhodendrons species being recorded in Sikkim. This  database web Site consisted of all 36 Rhododendrons species and is truly based upon the genuine research initiated by the Bioinformatics Sub-DISC, Sikkim State Council of Science & Technology, with the support of Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. This database creation will be a huge support towards the promotion of conservation and distribution valuable information.


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