Supported by Department of Biotechnology,Government of India

  Establishment of State Biotech Hub(SBThub) in  Sikkim State Council of Science & Technology. 





                    The Project "Establishment of State Biotech Hubs (SBThubs) in Sikkim" is funded by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India under special programme for North Eastern States of India. The project is being coordinated by Biotech Consortium India Limited (BCIL), a government of India enterprise promoted by Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India. The main objective of the project is the  establishment of state of art biotechnology infrastructure facilities in the state, a nucleus research centre for biotechnological research. The total project cost is 304.03 lakhs and is of three years duration.


                  The main objective of the project is the establishment of major biotechnology infrastructure facility in the state, to  train   the   coordinators of   institutional hubs, to provide support for research and training and to have a linkages with other institutional hubs in the respective state.



                   Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) has been constituted to guide, advice and suggest  for the overall progress of the project. The  members   are  from the different scientific institutions like ICAR, GB pant Institute, NRC Orchids, Sikkim University and Colleges.         



                      The biotechnology laboratory has the following equipments at   present    procured from another project funded by Department of    Biotechnology,

               Government of India:        


                       Gradient PCR (Thermal Cycler), Applied Biosystem, Gel Documentation system, refrigerated centrifuge, gel electrophoresis unit, slab gel dry electrophoresis power back and basic infrastructure facility for plant tissue culture laboratory. 


                        The laboratory  procure major biotechnological instruments for molecular and  phyto-chemical studies from  the  State  Biotech  Hub.




                       The project is being headed by the coordinator Dr. B.C.Basistha,  Additional Director and Co-coordinator, Shri K. B. Subba,Assistant Scientific Officer, Department of Science & Technology and Climate Change, Govt. of  Sikkim ,Dr. Sushen Pradhan, Research Associate    03  Junior Research Fellows,  01 Technical  Assistant     and     03 Lab Attendants.